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Ecological house

The thatched cottage – ecological and nice restored from a horse stable and a peat drying place to a comfortable living place

All materials are sound, healthy with many reused and natural materials. The house is full of light. In the ground floor is a nice sitting room with a Swedish stove and doors open directly to your garden , kitchen with all facilities and a cookstove for firewood (also gas for cooking), refrigerator and oven. Separate bathroom and composting toilet (smellfree). Upstairs 2 bedrooms each with double beds. In the garden are table, chairsand a hammock.




Natural Building


On the property live the ecological /natural architect Flemming Abrahamsson and his wife Karen. They run the firm Renewable Energy (in Danish: Fornyet Energi), and here at their home, it is also a playground for experiments and innovation on Natural Building. There is a small COB house, a COB garden wall with shelter and open fireplace, outdoor kitchen with clay bakeoven and cookstove, outside open fireplaces in the summer meeting tent, where it is wonderful relax protected from dew in the light Nordic summer nights, with fire in the open Rumford fireplace

As guest you have access to these facilities in the common area. They are also used by Flemming and Karen with family and guests to do with natural building: Renewable Energi/Fornyet Energi


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